Bartered Certificate
 What is a Bartered Certificate and How do I know if I have one?
    Well for starters for our 2013 Bartered Certificates it will have printed somewhere on the certificate the word, “Bartered”.  That would be your first clue.  For older certificates it would have G.O.D. in the Certificate No. or on the back.  If you purchased the certificate as a barter for goods or services else-where and did not purchase it directly from AEBF, that may be your second clue.  But if you did purchase it or you received it as a gift from someone who did purchase it directly from us, then you most likely do not have a Bartered Certificate!  Return to Booking Your Flight.
      To help keep our advertising costs down, we provided certificates in exchange for VALUE of the  advertising.  Over the years and exchange of barters, documentation has gone missing or people don’t understand that these certificates have certain stipulations that came with them.  For instance, a 2 year expiration date in which the flight must be booked with us, not necessarily flown.  They are NOT redeemable for $$$ cash, they are transferable, but do have an EXPIRATION DATE!!!
      This page is to try and help those with Bartered Certificates understand our policy and what they truly hold in their hands.../AEBalloonFlights/Booking.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
 Flight Packages for Sunrise & Limited Sunset

        Traditional Sparkling Cider Flight (TF)
                •  Up to 4-6 passengers (per balloon, more balloons if needed)
                •  Non-Private flight!  You could have someone join you.
                •  Traditional toast with complimentary Sparkling Cider* & Hors d’ oeuvres
-- OR --
        Private Flight (PF) - reserving the entire balloon
                •  Up to 2-3 passengers (one balloon)
                •  Exclusively Private flight!  Only with those you invited.
                •  Traditional toast with complimentary Sparkling Cider* & Hors d’ oeuvres
                •  Small bottle of White Wine with our label to share later.

*Champagne upon special request
Call or email TODAY for more
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Children under 12 years of age and must be at least 48 inches high.

Up to age 18 MUST be accompanied with an adult passenger.

Sorry, no senior or military discounts at this time.

*Prices are subject to change without warning or update to this site.

 Reservation for Sunrise & Limited Sunset
NO DEPOSIT required to reserve a date, so NO money is exchanged!
For a Gift Certificate, a minimum of 1 person will need to be paid in full.  You can then schedule when ever ready.../AEBalloonFlights/Purchasing.htmlshapeimage_33_link_0
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Barter Certificates
 BARTERED GIFT CERTIFICATE Recipient - Documentation Downloads
    We’ve recently noticed that not all the information is attached to the bartered certificate.  In our efforts to be environmentally friendly; to help curb our cost; and out of convenience for you, we have posted all the necessary documentation online in PDF format.  Addition passengers can be added to your flight with additional purchase(s).../AEBalloonFlights/Purchasing.htmlshapeimage_37_link_0

Click on the Sticky Note listed above
to download and preview these documents.

(All in one file)

    Information Packet includes:

Congratulations Letter
Launch Field Directions
One-hour Flight Information
Passengers Awareness/Release of Liability Info
Passenger Briefing/Flight Operations