Corporate Advertising
 Hot Air Balloon Advertising
    Looking for a way to get your company name and image out in the public in a manner that is absolutely positively huge? Hot Air Balloon Advertising can do tremendous things for brand image and name recognition. Hot Air Balloons themselves bring a positive image to the events they are at and to the people that see them.
    What advertising methods are currently being used by your company? Do people ever chase down a billboard to get a picture of it? Do television stations ever come to your event just because of the excitement the event itself generated? And if they do, have you got a seven story tall advertisement with your company logo on it for them to televise?
 Balloon Advertising 101

Cold Air Inflatable’s
    This is a Cold Air Balloon or a Roof Top Balloon with your Company Logo on it. It is inflated with an electric fan that keeps the balloon standing.  Can be placed in front of building or on the roof top. Any place an electric outlet is available.  Cold Air Balloons can range in size from 9 ft. to 30 ft. tall.

Banners on Our Balloon
    Have banners built with your Company Logo on them that can be attached to AE Balloon Flights’ hot air balloon.  These banners are 15 ft. tall by up to 40 ft. wide and are attached to the balloon with velcro.

Banners + Your Balloon
    Same as above, only we purchase a new envelope that your Company chooses the color pattern.  Your Company Logo is printed on banners and attached to balloon.

Balloon with your Company Logo - Overlaid Artwork
    Purchase a new balloon with your Company sewn onto the side of the balloon 2-3 times depending on the graphics of the Logo.

Balloon with your Company Logo - Inlaid Artwork
    Same as above, only your Company's Logo is sewn into the side of the balloon 2-3 times.

Special Shape Balloon with one of your Products or Company Logo on it
    This is a balloon built to look like a product that your Company offers to the public, or to make your Company Logo Stand Out.

AE Balloon Flights, LLC. is a full service balloon company.
In addition to balloon rides, we offer aerial advertising, pilot training, and party tethers. AE Balloon Flights, LLC. would be more than happy to meet with you and design a balloon advertising program for your company or event.  We can design an advertising program tailored specifically to suit your needs.  Your hot air balloon advertising with AE Balloon Flights, LLC., the sky really is the limit.

    Can you imagine the excitement created when we have carried television cameras and personalities on flights for live broadcasts with a helicopter circling getting shots of the balloon, or had radio D.J.’s and personalities doing live shows from the balloon. The unique thing is that this is not purchased air time. The balloon itself creates the excitement and the advertising generated is invaluable but can’t be purchased. Fly Ohio Ballooning has had commercial balloons on all of the local television stations in the Central Ohio area and we have gotten lots of color photos in many area newspapers and magazines without paying a dime in advertising. We have done live television and radio broadcasts from commercial balloons and every time the commercial balloon received tremendous coverage.

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