Who is AEBF?
 The Pilot, Owner & Operator
    Clifford D. Logan, Jr. is the owner and operator of AE Balloon Flights, LLC.  He is also an FAA-certified and licensed commercial lighter-than-air pilot. In 1989 for his 17th birthday, Cliff got to experience the Art of Hot Air Ballooning. From that point on, he was hooked and knew someday he’d become a balloon pilot.  Needless to say, that ride has been the cheapest one for him to date.
 The Business
    AE Balloon Flights was started in 2001, just before the birth of The Logan’s first born son.  In 2006, AE Balloon Flights became a “Limited Liability Company” changing the name to AE Balloon Flights, LLC.
    AE Balloon Flights, LLC, is fully insured and very proud to state that we are 100% accident free before and since we started the business.  We offer one of the best "bird's-eye" view of South Central Pennsylvania from a hot air balloon, in beautiful York, PA,  soaring over York and Lancaster Counties' rolling hills and open farmlands.  We love flying inches above the water of the Susquehanna River.  Come and experience the beauty of the Lower Susquehanna Valley area.
    We offer “free flying” balloon rides as well as tethered balloon rides for your events.

    Having always wanted to fly balloons, Cliff found a balloon on the internet and financed the balloon and began taking lessons with a local commercial pilot.  Cliff earned his private license in 1998.  After realizing it to be an expensive hobby he pursued for his commercial certificate in 1999 and has been flying ever since, helping people create memories that will last a lifetime.

    Cliff grew up in Columbia, PA, attended and graduated from The University of Findlay, Ohio.  He later found a wonderful woman and proposed to her from his balloon, with the words, "Marry Me Kim?", with 100 bails of hay.  Kim is learning to like ballooning by association.  Together they have found some wonderful new people in the ballooning community and crew they are happy to call friends.  They now make their home in beautiful York, PA, with their two adorable boys, Hunter (9/14/01) and Bryce (7/8/03), both of which have already been in a balloon and have even gotten some burner time.  Young pilots in the making.

 The Balloon Team - Crew
    This picture is of my family and a great bunch of friends, who really enjoy ballooning.  We call them the Balloon Team - Crew.  And let me tell you.  They're damn good at what they do!  Without them, AEBF can't fly.  From inflation to recovery, it's teamwork!
They will work for food or TIPS!
    A hot air balloon flight requires the coordination of a team. Without the teammates, the pilot can not freely practice this sport. The chase crew always accompanies the pilot when they travel. They help with the balloon inflation and boarding of passengers.  Once the balloon has taken off, the teammates maintain visual and/or radio contact with the pilot. They follow the balloon up to where it lands.
    Once the balloon has landed, the chase crew obtains landowner permission first, then meets the pilot to proceed with the balloon recovery.
Their job is to make me look ‘good’!

Click on the Team Crew (above) to read their biographies.

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photo by Joel Bergstrom

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