Who is AEBF?
 The Pilot, Owner & Operator
    Clifford D. Logan, Jr. is an FAA-certified and licensed commercial pilot. In 1989 for his 17th birthday, Cliff got to experience the Art of Hot Air Ballooning. From that point on, he was hooked. Having always wanted to fly balloons, Cliff earned his license in 1999 and has been flying ever since. He grew up in Columbia, PA, attended and graduated from The University of Findlay, Ohio. He later found a a wonderful woman and proposed to her from his balloon, with the words, "Marry Me Kim?", with 100 bails of hay. Kim is learning to like ballooning only by association. Together they have found some wonderful people they are happy to call friends. They now make their home in beautiful York, PA, with their two adorable boys, Hunter (9/14/01) and Bryce (7/8/03). http://www.findlay.edu/http://www.findlay.edu/shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1
 Wife & “The Queen”
    Kim Logan is a wonderful wife and mother. She grew up in Red Lion, PA. Kim met Cliff for the first time when he went through the drive thru window and asked her if, "she had fries to go with that shake?" Her come back was that if she couldn't find a mature man, she'd raise one. Kim attended Millersville University and graduated in 1991 with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education. She currently substitute teaches for Eastern and Red Lion Area School Districts. Kim has learned to like the balloon by association. When she was proposed to, she had no clue as to the new heights that Cliff would someday take her. http://www.millersville.edu/shapeimage_4_link_0
 Crew & Master Navigator
    Ann Kunkel grew up in Wellsville NY, home of the Great Wellsville Balloon Rally. She loved the third week in July when balloonists from all over would stay in the campground her parents owned. Ann can remember heading out in the wee hours of the morning to attend the morning launch, often only to have to wait for the fog to burn off.
     Throughout college Ann would occasionally see a balloon in the sky, and off she’d go chasing “for the fun of it”. She crewed briefly for a balloon in Lancaster in the 90’s, but then ballooning was put on the back burner for a while.
     Then one day in 2001 she walked into a bank and saw an item on the bulletin board that said “Crew Needed”. One phone call was all it took for Ann to once again become involved in this great sport. From that point on, Ann has crewed for Cliff, learning more and more about ballooning and enjoying the friends she makes along the way. In 2002 she introduced ballooning to the guy she was dating - he fell in love with both! Mike and Ann are now married and looking forward to the day when they will have their own balloon. HABFests.htmlHABFests.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1
 Crew & Student Pilot
    Mike Kunkel grew up in Woodlawn, MD and has lived in Colorado and now in York, Pennsylvania. Introduced to ballooning in the spring of 2002 by the gal he was dating; he became a balloon enthusiast almost instantly. Within months of his first encounter, he obtained his student pilot’s license and began training under Cliff Logan, pilot of the Airship Enterprise. He has enjoyed all aspects of ballooning, becoming proficient in all crew positions as well as gaining piloting knowledge.
     Mike and Ann were married in Oct 2003 and even included a balloon rally in their honeymoon itinerary. They continue to enjoy crewing for the Airship Enterprise while looking forward to a day when they can launch their own balloon next to Cliff’s. 
     Mike and Ann’s daughters have recently started coming out to help in crewing the balloon.  They figure if they’re tagging along, they might as well join in.  You can see Caitlyn & Carolyn starting to really enjoy ballooning.
    LuAnne Bergstrom grew up here in York. During the week, she is the office manager at Spring Garden Family Practice. Lu has always loved watching hot air balloons and visited the rally at Hershey Park many times. For an anniversary gift, she and her husband Joel took a ride in "Cloud Nine" and knew they wanted to do this more often. She and her husband have both been crewing with Airship Enterprise since 2000. Lu works the mouth of the balloon during inflation, is our First Aid specialist, and loves to explain the balloon to children and adults at rallies.
    Eric Lentz - was introduced to ballooning in the fall of 1997. He was one of the first original balloon crew members for AEBF. We let him slip away for awhile, but he's back and we're glad to have him back!!  Eric was very instrumental in putting our new AEBF Balloon Trailer in service. He pays great attention to detail and thinks things through. 
    He is also “Mr. Funny Man”.  He’s the goof-ball
in the photos trying to catch a balloon.  Who knows
what he’ll think of next?
    Tracey Lentz - was recently married to Eric in 2005. She has learned to like ballooning by association and quite the wiz with a digital camera. Tracey looks forward to helping more in the coming years with ballooning. She's a great help in releaving Kim of "kid duty" or jumping in to lend a helping hand. They have the cutest little dog, which almost makes me feel like we're back in OZ.
 Crew & Student Pilot
    Joel Bergstrom grew up in Hornell NY and Altoona PA. He came to York by way of Harrisonburg VA after he and LuAnne were married. He works as a landscape foreman for Hively Farm and Nursery during the week. He took photographs of the balloon flights at Hershey for several years before the anniversary flight in 1996. Joel often works the crown line, to steady the top of the balloon during inflation, but has more recently gotten to touch the burner. He is usually found talking about balloons to someone - anyone who will listen!
 Crew, College bound.
    Daniel Krape - is one of our newest members, along with his father, Tom Krape. Daniel lives in Hallam, PA and had seen our balloon up on several different occasions. He got is first taste of ballooning when his father performed AEBF's very first mid-air wedding (pictured right). He's been hooked ever since. We're happy to have Daniel and Tom aboard!
    Brian Sanders is the newest member.  Little did he know that moving in across the street would some day make him an addict to propane & sparkling cider.  Mr. White Knuckles can often been seen helping on the crown line or lost in a corn field.  He just can’t to go for a balloon ride!
    Eric Shumaker was introduced to ballooning by his parents, and helped with other balloonist. He continues to be a great asset to AEBF.  He’s usually available on short notices and surprisingly is wide awake!
Need photo of Eric
 Foxfire Balloon Flights
    Although not crew, Richard and Jane’R’ Fox are great friends and were very instrumental in helping me obtain my Private and Commercial Certificates.  Richard Fox (a.k.a. Benjamin Franklin) is a great instructor and an even better friend.  We help each other out for some of the larger number of parties that want to fly together.  Flying with two or more balloons always adds to the ambiance of the flight.
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photo by Joel Bergstrom

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    Jon Grove has helped with various other balloons as well. He continues to be a great asset to AEBF.  He’s usually available on short notices and surprisingly is wide awake too!
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