How to Book Your Flight?
 The Flight Schedule
    Flights are scheduled by reservation only, all year long.  Due to our weather conditions here in the Northeast, early mornings usually offer the BEST conditions for flight, and that's why the majority of our flights take place at sun-up.  Wind speed and direction will determine the not only our flight path and destination, but also a launch field.  As a result, each balloon flight is guaranteed to be an unique experience.  An average flight covers 10 miles and flight time will be approximately 45-90 minutes in duration.  Weather conditions and landing spots often dictate the duration of each flight.
 General Passenger Eligibility & Restrictions
    All passengers must be capable of standing for the length of the flight and be able to enter and exit the gondola/basket relatively unassisted.  It is important for us to know if there is anyone in your party weighing over 250 lbs.  The balloon’s lift capabilities vary with outside temperature.  Our knowledge of this will only serve to insure that we book the balloon properly and avoid potential unnecessary embarrassment.  Weight/loading is an important factor in hot air ballooning and determines the number of passengers we can fly.  Larger passengers can be accommodated, and we'll suggest flying during a cooler part of the season.  No additional cost is required.  One price fits all!!!  
    Due to insurance regulations, we are unable to fly pregnant women or any person with physical limitations that would render this form of entertainment inadvisable.  Please, if you have any questions at all as to the advisability of a flight, feel free to discuss it with us.  We will do all that we can to accommodate you, however, we reserve the right to refuse anyone who, in our opinion, would be a safety liability to themselves or others.  There is no age limit with children but they should be at least 48 inches tall; children under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian during a flight.
 Launch Times
    We fly, WEATHER PERMITTING, year round.  Not that many happen due to fast moving lows.  Our launch times are at sunrise and approximately two hours before sunset, as these times offer the most ideal weather conditions for ballooning.  Depending on whether you have scheduled a sunrise or sunset flight, you will be advised of actual launch times when you schedule your reservation.
NO , not THAT kind of booking!!!

    These great Springettesbury Twp. officers/patrolmen were on a “covert aerial” surveillance - top secret mission.  

    Comments:  “Everything appears to be on the Up & Up here!”

    Please keep in mind we have NO control over the weather, but we do have control over the decisions of when it could be dangerous conditions for doing the flight and we will indeed exercise those controls.

 Planning to Propose in the balloon?!
    An engagement flight takes a little more planning on both your part and ours.  Please be sure to give us a call to discuss the ins- and outs- of making sure she is TRULY surprised and thinks you are the most romantic man in the world!
    By the way her answer determines when upon landing, if she is still in the basket with us... just kidding.  Jumpers cost extra!!!
 Planning to Wed in the balloon?
    A wedding flight takes a little more planning on both your part and ours.  Please be sure to give us a call to discuss the ins- and outs- of making sure that day is special for the both of you!  Just like planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, you gotta’ have a back up plan.  If we can’t fly you on your wedding day due to weather, we’ll simply fly you both on a private flight on a better day.
    We consider marriage to be very sacred between a man and a woman.  We would strongly encourage you to seek out a pastor or minister who is 1) willing to marry you and 2) willing to perform the ceremony during the balloon ride!  We do have a resident pastor as part of our crew and we have a respectable Justice of the Peace (listed below) on-call.  Both are willing and ready to take a balloon ride.  Please call us for more info!

HERMAN, Robert A., Jr. Mag. Dist. 02-1-03
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