It makes an awesome
stocking stuffer!
Look no further or drop them all a hint for yourself!  Why not a gift they’ll never forget, an adventure that will make memories to last a lifetime!  How about an adventure of flight in a 
Hot Air Balloon!
Perfect Gift for Anyone!?
Balloon Flights are a Fantastic Gift!

    The great thing with Gift Certificates is that you can buy them NOW and fly LATER.  Most people think it crazy to fly in this colder weather, but ironically enough, this is when we get the best fuel efficiency and sometimes longer flight times, but I digress.  If you're having a tough time trying to figure out what’s that perfect gift for that perfect someone would be. 

STOP!  Don’t look any further!

 Join the Tradition

    AE Balloon Flights, LLC is located in South Central Pennsylvania, York County.  We fly over still meadows and rolling wooded hills where wildlife is abundant.  You can often see white tailed deer bounding across the fields and red tailed hawks flying nearby.  In the sparsely populated areas we can skim along just inches above crops at walking speed and you can pick leaves from the tree tops as we drift by as a moment of our journey.  We'll use them later in our celebration!
     Slow down - try a change of pace.  Time spent in a balloon is quiet and peaceful and the sensation of floating over the landscape can seem surreal.  You won't hear the wind blow because you're moving with it.  You can talk to the people below and wave at drivers that beep as they pass by.
     Hot air balloons are alluring, breathtaking, colorful and larger than life.  In today's fast paced environment a balloon can emit a feeling of wonderment as their beauty and grace, color and symmetry seem to float along on the breeze with a mind of their own.
     If you are local to the York area, ballooning can give you a whole new perspective on this beautiful area.  If you are just visiting Amish Country, take a pretty morning or afternoon and do something really special.  Allow us to take you on your flight of fancy as we float over the countryside.  It's an experience you'll never forget.
 Schedule a Flight or Buy a Gift Certificate

        NON-Gift Certificate Flights
                •  You’re merely picking a date you wish to fly.
                •  We only ask for a credit card** to hold the date.
                •  Balance due at the time of the scheduled flight.
                •  You can always pay for the flight in full, for all passengers.
-- OR --
        Gift Certificate Flights
                •  Give it to someone(s) as a present.
                •  A flight date is usually scheduled later.
                •  You MUST pay for all passengers on the certificate IN FULL.

Give them a gift that will make memories last a lifetime.

A balloon flight as with Life, is about the journey, not the destination!

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** A cancelation fee of $100/person will be charged for “No Show”.

AE Balloon Flights, LLC

We Can Change Your Altitude!


photo by Joel Bergstrom

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