Other Great Ballooning Sites

These are in no particular order, but as we are added to sites, we will return the favor and link back to them.

Endless Mountains Hot Air Balloons

Sights Unseen Hot Air Ballooning

Up Up Away Hot Air Balloon Company

Friendship Hot Air Balloon Company

Arizona Balloons

Above Reality Hot Air Balloon Rides

Balloon Rides Orlando
Other Cool Links

Hot air balloon gifts, jewelry and the largest selection of spinning balloons on the web” www.fullahotair.com

 Ballooning Organizations

AE Balloon Flights is a member of the Following Organizations.

Balloon Federation of America          John Wise Balloon Society             Great Eastern Balloon Assoc.

 Other Cool Links & Local Favorites around the Susquehanna Valley

These are in no particular order.

The University of Findlay

York Revolution - York County’s Baseball Team

Maple Donuts

Turkey Hill

Jim Mack’s Ice Cream (our Main Launch Site)





 Cool Game Links

These are in no particular order.
Orisinal.com - Among the Clouds 
Great fun little game if you can find it. (Look for a gas balloon)   Fly's like an old porous balloon.  You have to constantly be on the burner.

JengaJam - The Pride of the Peaches
A funny little game for balloonist's with freetime.

An amazing Croatian Balloon Flight Simulator is awaiting you!  This is an international on-line hot air balloon competition opened 24 hours a day. You have a unique chance to ‘defend the colors’ of your motherland against pilots from all around the world. No need to be a real balloon pilot - just have fun!  

JigZone.com  A nice balloon-puzzle for balloonist's brain.

The Puzzle Factory  Back to puzzles! Here you can find three levels of difficulty to play ballooning puzzle with time setting. You got to think quickly!

GamesCraze.com  Fly  your  plane  through  the  air  avoiding various obstacles, mainly hot air balloons.

Balloony - Shoot at anything from black birds to space ships in this funny hot air balloon game!
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