Where Do We Launch?
 Launch Times
    We fly, WEATHER PERMITTING, year round.  Our launch times are at sunrise and approximately two hours before sunset, as these times offer the most ideal weather conditions for ballooning.  Depending on whether you have scheduled a sunrise or sunset flight, you will be advised of actual launch times when you schedule your reservation.
    To better our chances of flying over the Susquehanna River, we recently acquired permission from two additional sites in Lancaster County.  One is located to the north and one due east of the river.  We will use Jim Mack’s Ice Cream Launch Area as our meeting location and determine if either of those two sites will work as well.
    Please keep in mind we have no control over the weather, but we do have control over the decisions of when it could be dangerous conditions for doing the flight and we will indeed exercise those controls.

A launch field will be selected depending on wind direction:

Click on a field for a GoogleMap version.

 Hallam Ball Field Launch Area
Rt. 30 East/West to Hallam exit.
Between Gallaria Mall (Mt. Zion Exit) and Wrightsville
(last York exit before Susquehanna River).
(0.4 mi)  Follow signs to Rt. 462, At light, turn left onto Rt. 462 East.  
(0.5 mi.) Turn right onto Emig St. at end of guide rail on your right.
(0.1 mi.) Turn left onto Beaver St.
(0.3 mi.) Turn right onto Franklin St.
(0.1 mi.) Pull over on the right, in the grass just past chain link fence (Tenis/basketball courts).
 Jim Mack’s Ice Cream Launch Area - MAIN SITE
Rt. 30 East/West to Hallam exit.
(0.4 mi.)  Follow signs toward Rt. 462, At light, turn left onto Rt. 462 East.  Drive through town and out of town.  Mack’s Ice Cream will be on left 1.5 miles outside of Hallam.
Rt. 30 East/West to Wrightsville exit.
(1.1 mi.)  Follow signs toward Rt. 462, At light, turn right onto Rt. 462 West. Mack’s Ice Cream will be on right 1.5 miles outside of Wrightsville.
Evening flights, please drive SLOWLY back to "Overflow Parking" area around picnic tables.  There are lots of children around.
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