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AE Balloon Flights pilot says 
he offers aviation, pure and true
Thursday, September 11, 2003

Name: Clifford D. Logan Jr.
Age: 30
Born where: Columbia, Pa.
Title: Lighter Than Air Commercial 
            Hot Air Balloon Pilot
Company: AE Balloon Flights
Address: 320 Charles Circle, Hallam
Telephone: (717) 600-8482

Time with company: We’ve been in business since 2001, but I’ve been involved with ballooning since 1996.
What do you do? We offer people the adventure of a lifetime. We don’t just offer a flight in a hot air balloon, but a chance to experience aviation in its simplest form and exclusively with that special someone. We offer a voyage in ballooning. This is the perfect gift for that tough-to-buy-for someone. Anniversary, birthday or employee of the month are all excellent occasions for celebrating with a flight.
What is it that people don’t understand about your job? The No. 1 question is always, “How do you steer?” Ballooning is considered to be one of the truest forms of sailing. We have no rudder, no propeller. You could say we are “heavenly guided.” We find our landings by using the layer of air currents to our advantage until we come to our destination.
What is the most rewarding part of your job? Seeing the smiles on our newly found friends’ faces. I’ve given them such a natural high, and the opportunity to leave their cares and worries on terra firma, even for a brief moment.
What was the most difficult thing you have had to learn at your job? To be patient with the weather. Ballooning is such a fair-weather sport. Winds and precipitation are a balloon’s worst enemies. Getting in and out of the wind on launch and landing is the problem. Once you are part of the wind, it’s as though you are standing still and the land is passing you by.
How do you spend a typical flight? We call a weather briefer before the flight to help determine wind and weather. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to set the balloon up. We then average about 45-90 minutes of actual flight time, depending on what we have for landing spots ahead. Upon landing, the chase crew helps pack up the system and then return us to the launch field. There we celebrate with a sparkling cider toast to a great flight with our new friends.
What is your most memorable work flight? A rare phenomenon of landing back at the launch field after an hour of flight. The term is “flying a box wind.” Two different air layers in opposite directions can help you steer your flight back from where you came. It’s an amazing feat and takes a lot of skill on the pilot’s behalf.
My Job runs weekly, focusing on a county resident with an interesting job. If you have suggestions for an article, call Joli Harrington, a Daily Record correspondent, at 846-4588.
Copyright © York Daily Record 2003

Bil Bowden - YDR

Clifford D. Logan Jr. is a hot air balloon pilot for AE  Balloon Flights in Hallam.

 In the News

     Fun Day's feature attraction was tethered rides, offered by AE Balloon Flights of York. Festivities were sponsored by Dr. Gordon Bell, a dentist who presented the eighth annual community day at his 450 W. Market St. office in the borough. Thursday's rides were the first time in three years that the balloon was able to go aloft. Previously, bad weather kept it grounded.

Photographer: BIL BOWDEN
Credit: York Daily Record
Photo date: 2003-08-22

Copyright © York Daily Record 2003
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