Have you figured out York Revolution’s theme this season? Huh?  This balloon tether was such a rush for all of us!  It was an honor to help convey the message to the York fans for opening-season day.  Even with the wind that just wouldn’t let up that evening, God gave us a short break and allowed for these “Stars & Stripes” to rise against the odds.

    AE Balloon Flights has THE finest balloon team around!!!  We tethered it safely and worked together as a team for YR.  It would have been great to fly-out over York City as originally planned, but we made the right decision to keep her grounded.

    We would like to thank everyone who stopped by to visit our concourse table and grabbed a brochure or put their name in the fish bowl for our drawing.  We will be announcing the lucky winner of the Free balloon ride shortly!

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    We made the news for a few seconds and the papers a little bit longer.  Follow the link above Hot “Air” Off the Press to check out our coverage.  More photos will be coming shortly.
     A BIG thanks to the volunteer men/staff who helped raise these colors and get it off the field in record time!  And a big thanks to our “PR” ladies, Kim, Tracey & Jacque, for running our concourse table.  And a special thanks to Lancaster BalloonPort and Adventures Aloft.  We look forward to working with Greg V. and “Putter” in the future.  Keep your eyes peeled toward the skies!Press2008.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0
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**Photos courtesy of Tracey Lentz.

Hot “Air” Off the PressPress2008.html
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photo by Joel Bergstrom

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