Hi there!  Welcome to AE Balloon Flights, LLC (AEBF) website.  I would encourage you to check back often with us when you feel like giving yourself a ‘lift’.

    We are a balloon business in York, PA.  This year we’ll mainly be flying mornings, but can’t rule out an evening now and again (WEEKENDS ONLY!).  With family events and actively participating in our boys’ lives while they’re still young, there are things I’d like NOT to miss out on!!  God First, Family next, ballooning-cherry on top. 

     We offer one of the best "bird's-eye" views of South Central Pennsylvania from a hot air balloon, here in beautiful York, PA.  Soar over York and Lancaster Counties' rolling hills and open farmlands.  Fly inches above the waters of the Susquehanna River. 

    We are the ONLY balloon offering flights over and around the Susquehanna River!  Come and experience the beauty of the Lower Susquehanna Valley area from aloft.  I’m sure “We Can Change Your Altitude!”

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     Please take a look around our site.  I've tried to give a nice mix of information and a variety of cool photos of our adventures.  We've tried to give you a realistic feeling of what you can expect to see on your flight.  It’s the next best thing to actually taking a flight with us.  If after perusing our site, you still have more questions, PLEASE feel free to give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may still have.

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    Here at AEBF, we're ready and looking forward to a great 2013 flying season.  Past few years have NOT had the greatest of weather.  Be sure to check out the links on our “Photo Galleries” page of Flights including a few Festivals and new Tethered events, right here in our own backyard.  That should get some attention with our 6 story tall balloon. 

    Or maybe you’ll get a chance to venture a walk inside of a balloon in our new walk-thru, Galaleo. (see center photo below)  Be sure to stop by, support the local event and take a "teaser" ride and ask us lots of questions about YOUR next ride. 

    Click a green button (on the left) to explore more about our hot air ballooning adventures.  We have a List of Festivals, that we’re excited to attend and few that we’d recommend as well. 

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     These have been a long time in the making.  We now have our newest addition (AE2) and included our Walk-thru balloon.
    We’ve recently joined 3 of the local Visitor Centers (links at the bottom).  You can now find our brochures at each of these and their affiliated offices, 15 Welcome Centers around the Commonwealth, 2 PA Turnpike Service Plazas, 1 Rest Stop on 81 South, and now in AAA 40+ clubs and offices in the eastern PA & NJ region.
    If you happen to see us on the field or our chase crew along your travels, stop and ask for a colorful brochure or business card.  REMEMBER: Don’t talk too long, they’re on a mission.  
    Of course it’s just a taste compared to the rest of our website or even a real flight with us.  You can also check out our Downloads or “Booking Your Flight” page for more information!Purchasing.htmlBooking.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0shapeimage_20_link_1
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Have a LOOK INSIDE.  Click on the middle picture to see our Walk-thru balloon!http://gallery.me.com/aeballoonflights#100264&bgcolor=black&view=mosaic&sel=0
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AE Balloon Flights, LLC

We Can Change Your Altitude!




photo by Joel Bergstrom

 GIFT CERTIFICATE Recipient - Documentation Downloads
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    Information Packet includes:

Congratulations Letter
Launch Field Directions
One-hour Flight Information
Passengers Awareness/Release of Liability Info
Passenger Briefing/Flight Operationshttp://www.opendrive.com/files/NF8xOTc5NjYzX1lmY3RLX2FkNmI/Information%20Packet.pdf
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