What makes us stand out from the crowd?
    • SAFETY! - We have very safe, conscientious pilots and a very safety oriented Balloon Crew Team.  Our pilots follow all FAA regulations and DO NOT fly in unsafe situations and our Balloon Crew Team obeys all traffic laws.  We attend at least one Safety Seminar Annually!
     • I'm very proud to honestly say that we are 100% accident free before and since we've started our business in 2001.  Your safety is our number one goal!!!  No kidding around.
Why Fly with AEBF? SAFETY!

     • Most of our flights ARE "private flights".  However, if you choose a Traditional Flight, you could meet and make new friends to join us on our adventure if they booked the same time.  We can carry up to 4-6 passengers (plus the pilot). We can even accommodate 2 or 3 more private balloons, if you invite more people along! (Very picturesque!)

** Every balloon pictured on this page is a very good friend and a balloonist we’d certainly recommend.**

 Can you find a lower price elsewhere?
     Probably somewhere (. . . they're out to sell lots of rides, we're out to sell an Adventure!).  Our belief is that when you're out to make a buck, there will be sacrifices and safety is one we're just NOT willing to sacrifice.
 Would you WANT to fly with an operator offering a lower price?
     Probably not! This is one of those activities in life where it may be prudent to AVOID the "Low Bidder," . . . for obvious reasons.  We don't play the price "matching game."
     We want you to know that we price our Flights on a sustainable basis, so that our equipment is maintained ABOVE the minimums required by the FAA and our Pilots and Balloon Team are improving their skills and training levels on a continuing basis.

     • All of our flights are NON-SMOKING flights!  We carry 60 gal. of LPG (Propane) on board.  We only want one fire and that's from the burner.

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photo by Joel Bergstrom

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